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can some one give me a resume of what this site is all about


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i found this site by chance when i was trying to find some free passwords, i got internested since this sites seems legit.

i know i am supoust to read that my self but a quick run around won't hurt.


first question.

can i find free passwords here.

question 2 i see section for tools what are this tools about

question 3 can i get passwords only for porn sites or do you guys share for file sharing sites too?

when you guys sell accounts do you guys sell them for a fraction of a price of full price>?


can i resell this accounts?


how long they last.


can some one teach me how to leech my own acounts or is there any tutorials>?


thanx in adavance for any reply and sorry for long first post this is exiting i didn't know there even was a community like this...

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