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Application for cracker status

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Hi hope you are all well, i would like to apply for cracker status please.


Name :The_Monk


Real Name :Andy



Contact details :Skype - edited by black pearl

(gmail, skype, fb)



Threads you already

Contributed to CD - http://www.crackingdrift.com/search.php?searchid=6684



What tools you use : Sentry mba. focr. learning how to use sqlmap. proxyfire.

gather proxy.



Experience : I began cracking around 18-24 months ago for something to do and a challange, it also helps take my mind of my illness, i was an advanced cracker on another forum but changes in there staff caused major problems and it was never the same, i have been looking for somewhere else and found CD , i am hoping i can better my cracking skills and also help the forum. i have already helped "Pejko" out with a config he was wanting so i am hoping he will vouch for me.




How many hours

you can spend on :

cracking per day. As i am undergoing chemotherapy i do not work and cracking helps take my mind of my treatment and illness so i will be able to be online quiet a bit per day, the only time i will not be able to be online is when i am recieving treatment or if it knocks the sh*t out of me but that should not be a problem


i am hoping this is enough info for you and looking forward to the outcome what ever it may be




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