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what's EngineX?


It's an automatic search bot/leech bot that aims to leech combos (and websites too) and search for web pages containing them, but it also extracts

the websites, giving the option to use a filter (theme). EngineX also has a very advanced filter/configuration system, the most powerful filter

being the URL filter which allows you to use many functions to filter/fix URLs, for example removing ad sites like *******,zff.co and etc. Combo

filters are specified in the main config file. One of the feature EngineX has to offer, is duplicate detection, not only does it efficiently remove duplicates

during leech, but it also displays how many times a combo was detected as a duplicate, allowing you to see which combos are bad, or over-used (there's also an option for that on export/save).



This tool aims to be for advanced users and to allow a lot of flexibility. You will also notice (if you have used any EZLeecher version) that the leeching is way more fast, and so is the filter processing.




New features


*Now supports two search engines (Google+Bing in default config)

*Duplicate detection system

*Supports theme/niche+appending of new URLs

*Email only mode

*Combo filters (length, remove, replace etc)

*Complex URL filters

*Debug mode

*Redirection system+options to avoid redirection loops

*Detailed logs

*Detailed stats

*Custom webpages/queries

*Custom search patterns

*Keywords collecting

*Advanced output system


And many more.


These tool is coded and credit to john91



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