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Accepted VIP Payment Methods !

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Hello Members,


Following sites are the ways to pay for VIP Subscription:


This is the hidden content, please


This is the hidden content, please


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Hello To All CD Members,



What Is VIP & How It Works?



VIP Membership


To become a VIP member of CD is only


1-9.99$ 1 Month


2-16.99$ 2 Month


3-25.99$ 3 Months


4-45.99$ 6 Months


5-83.99$ 1 Year


6-250.99$ 3 Years

Benefits of becoming a VIP Member Include:


• Access to VIP Area.


• Ability to edit usertitle.


• Ability to change username.Ability to give +3/neutral/-3 reputation points.


• Ability to delete/edit own posts/threads.


• Ability to rate threads without any requirements.


• Ability to bypass the hidden BB tag post requirements.


• Ability to close your own threads and re-open them later.


• Ability to view who rated the thread. (Usernames+stars)


• Can use PM tracking system.


• Can view invisible users.


• Additional 400 messages for PM folders. (Total: 500)


• Display on forum team page.




Time Info On VIP:


VIP Is 9,16,25,45,83 & 250$ As Mentioned Above


Terms & Conditions For VIP


1) Account Sharing Strictly Prohibited & Will End In Instant Lifetime Ban With No Refund.


2) Leeching Will Result In Instant Lifetime Ban & IP Regarded As Spammed & Banned As Well.


3) Using VIP Data For Il-Legal Purposes Such As Selling Data Will Release In Instant Lifetime Ban.


4) Bad Behaviour With Forum Staff Will Result In Instant Lifetime Ban Or A Serious Downgrade.


5) No Refunds Anyhow Anywhere After VIP Is Purchased Or Even If You Are

Not Applicable For It Cause It Will Let us Be Strict Under Rules.



Remember We Are Smarter Than You & All Shitty Forum So Dont Think U

Can Wipe Us Away Cause U Wont Even Tht U Got Banned Before U Try To Do




Paypal ,Payza & Webmoney






Remember You Have To Pay All Charges We Should Receive The Total Amount That All.




PM Black Pearl After Payment With U'R Transanction To Get U'R VIP Activated.




Notice-If any Indian member wants to buy vip if he can not pay through paypal .For other method of payment just pm me






For Purchasing VIP You Have Agree Our Rules.




Thank You...




Black Pearl

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