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RedLine_stealer cracked[20.2](2021)

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Building features:

1) Collects from browsers:
a) Login and passwords
B) Cookies
c) Autocomplete fields
d) Credit cards
2) Supported browsers:

a) All Chromium-based browsers ( Even Chrome latest version )
B) All browsers based on Gecko (Mozilla, etc.)
3) Data collection from FTP clients, IM clients
4) Customizable file-grabber according to the criteria Path, Extension, Search in subfolders (you can configure for the necessary cold wallets, steam, etc.)
5) Sample by country. Setting up a blacklist of countries where the build will not work
6) Setting up anti-duplicate logs in the panel
7) Collects information about the victim's system:
Current user name
Keyboard layouts
Screen resolution
Operating system
UAC Settings
is the current build running with administrator privileges
Information about component PCs ( video cards, processors )
Installed antiviruses


1. Run one time Kurome.Loader (With admin rights)
2. Run Kurome.Host and leave open
3. Open Panel.exe

Login: ims0rry
Password: racoon

Use at your own risk

Password: redline

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