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⭐ DarkAio - All in one Checker - 20 Modules ⭐


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Results Saved in different folders (depends on the time when u started the checker + module name)
Telegram & Discord Hits Sender
CLI & Log Based Console
Auto update proxies every 5 minutes
Load proxies from Proxyscrape API, or Custom API, or Proxies.txt
Super Light Weight & Fast 
Threading Optimized & Good API
Customizable Settings (Telegram, Discord Hit Sender)
Bans Bad Proxies (no retry with the same proxy if proxy is bad)
Optimized to use less network and memory consumption

Modules: Surfshark(IOS), Minecraft, Malwarebytes, VyprVpn, NordVpn, Azure, IPVanish, k7 Antivirus, Brainly, Wondershare, Altbalaji, Facebook, GMX(IOS), Picsart, Netflix(IOS), Valorant(API), Nubiles Porn, Linkedin, Twitch TV, Vortex Cloud


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Virus Total: 

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I'm just reposting this tool that I found from other sources. For your safety, run it in a sandbox or RDP.

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