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This is the hidden content, please
This is a collection which i use like on everyday basis. The knowledge is vast, keep learning.
Give me a like and +rep if you liked it. Leechers get out.
Foremost Warning:
Noobs here? Dont even bother without having the tool knowledge. These tools are for the advanced linux users or who at least  know the basics and responsibilities. Other than that the tool is pretty self explanatory.
100% works if you do it correctly. The one tool never maybe give you the result which you expect but a collection of tools will give you more than what you expect.
Disclaimer: The contributors do not assume any responsibility for the use of this tool
Warning: It is advisable to not use your own/primary account when using this tool.
Things you need:
A LINUX MACHINE (this is the most important thing on whatever hack which i post. if you dont have one, maybe you should get one right now. Its a whole another world)
Hackingtool Menu
- Anonymously Hiding Tools
- Information gathering tools
- Wordlist Generator
- Wireless attack tools
- SQL Injection Tools
- Phishing attack tools
- Web Attack tools
- Post exploitation tools
- Forensic tools
- Payload creation tools
- Exploit framework
- Reverse engineering tools
- DDOS Attack Tools
- Remote Administrator Tools (RAT)
- XSS Attack Tools
- Steganograhy tools
- Other tools
- SocialMedia Bruteforce
- Android Hacking tools
- IDN Homograph Attack
- Email Verify tools
- Hash cracking tools
- Wifi Deauthenticate
- SocialMedia Finder
- Payload Injector
- Web crawling
- Mix tools
Believe me these are only the tip of the ice berg???? This tool is basically what you need in your arsenal to get you the cream you wanted. Lets get to the tool installation part:
git clone
This is the hidden content, please
chmod -R 755 hackingtool 
cd hackingtool
sudo pip3 install -r requirement.txt  //python3 must be installed
bash install.sh
sudo hackingtool  // the tool should be run with root privileges
Thats it. You have the biggest collection of the hackingtools all at one place. No need to worry about installing seperate tools and wondering of the virus or ransomware. Its history now.
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