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Wife Anal Training (2019)

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Wife Anal Training (2019)
These wives need to be trained to take cock up their asses whether it's their husbands, or some stranger who will do the job right!
Selvaggia is addicted to her phone. She fiddles with it day and night, in the bed, in front of the television, in the bath and even on the toilet. But when she doesn't seem to be able to put it down during sex either, her boyfriend finally loses his temper. He decides to give the girl something else to focus on. He destroys her cute ass and poor Selvaggia hasn't even had time to catch her breath. She gets the fucking of her life and somewhere in the middle she even has to lick his ass. And you know what she learns? That it is way better than any gadgets.
Sarah has everything a man can provide to a woman. Nice clothes, jewelry and money. But she wants even more. She wants his full attention. Kai is busy reading a book while Sarah looks horribly bored. Now that her good-for-nothing friends are busy elsewhere, there is nobody to entertain her. So she starts to entertain herself, in hope the message gets through. It does and succumbs to a throbbing blow-job. To show him she's not to be ignored, the sexy MILF licks his ass crystal clean. Before he can cum from having his asshole probed she takes his cock in her pussy for a hard vibrant fucking.
Selvaggia, a sweet girl-next-door type girlfriend is making breakfast for her man. After he leaves she breaks the disposal and her naughty thoughts turn to help from plumber David Perry. The kinky babe changes into her fetish gear complete with purple stockings and black studded spiked heels and awaits David with glass dildo in hand. The sex toy comes conveniently with a whip handle, and David makes great use of both. He whips and spanks the pretty blonde's curvy ass, then promptly plunges the glass dildo in her puckered bud. Selvaggia's asshole is now ready for anal insertion of any kind and David takes turns between thrusting his cock and the proxy prick into both her holes for the double penetration she loves. Selvaggia eagerly engages in some ass to mouth sucking and deep throats Davids rod. Meanwhile her asshole puckers and gaps after each insertion.
Archy forgot to appreciate what he has, a gorgeous and deliciously perverted girlfriend who hardly can wait to fuck. He is lounging on the couch playing with his phone like some idiot. Luckily Mary is more than capable to get things into her hands and tongue. Her focus is on Archy's stiff prick and under asshole. Archy becomes devoured with lust when she swabs his bottom hole. Of course in return Mary wants some anal in return. Archy obliges by plunging his stuffy into her backside and blowing a heavy load when she's satisfied.

Category: Anal, Domination, Erotic Vignette, European, Fetish, Rimming, Flogging, Hotwife, International, Wives
Starring: David Perry , Mary Rock , Selvaggia , Kai Taylor , Chad Rockwell , Sarah Sultry , Nikolas , Nik Rock , Jules Bart
Language: English
Size: 1.48 GB
Length: 01:36:30
Format: MP4
Video: 960x540


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