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I present to your attention the service GammaVPN.xyz - shareware VPN.

What does GammaVPN offer?
1. Ability to hide your real IP address. Visit anonymously and securely any Internet resources without having to shine your IP.
2. Unlocking any sites. Unlock the desired sites in just 2 clicks (Gambling, bookmakers, adult, etc.).
3. Reliable VPN protocol, closed and encrypted connection.
4. Sometimes unscrupulous sites may use your cookies, geo-location and other methods of collecting customer data that may attract certain advertising or products. GammaVPN helps you avoid this.
5. If you are not indifferent to your anonymity on the Internet, it is better to use a VPN.

What are the benefits of GammaVPN?
+Our VPN boasts a complete lack of logs.
+We use the high level of military encryption AES256-SHA to protect your data, which makes it impossible to determine the type of traffic or protocol.
+No personal information is required at registration. Even by email. We will generate a unique identifier (login) and password for you.
+For complete anonymity of customers, we accept only cryptocurrency.
+Intuitive application.
+Support for home Windows 7-10, Servers 2008-2019, Linux, Mac OS and mobile devices. Guides you can find on your Website.
+We have 3 protocols aviable (OpenVPN, L2TP\IpSec, SE VPN). 
+Democratic prices.

13 locations are available in 10 countries.
NL.png Netherlands (NL),LU.png Luxembourg (LU), UK.png United Kingdom (UK), PL.png Poland (PL), DE.png Germany (DE), CZ.png Czech (CZ), LV.png Latvia (LV), LT.png Lithuania (LT), IR.png Iran (IR), UA.png Ukraine (UA)
There are 2 types of access - Premium and Free access.
Premium: 1.9$\month. There are no restrictions.
Free access: Download \ Upload speed is limited to 25 Mbps.

Free (with limits) - https://GammaVPN.xyz

For premium access write to Telegram bot @GammaVPN_bot or Support Telegram: @GomTech

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7XdyRWp.png We can provide Free premium subscription for 1 Month so you can appreciate the quality. Just contact us in Telegram @GomTech

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