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  1. Use proxies and a youtube link to boost the views!
  2. Features: Works for EMAIL:PASS lists Will automatically add @gmail.com to user lists Supports all kinds of proxies (Put proxies.txt file into same folder if you want to use proxies!) , works proxyless as well! Captures amount of breaches Download: VirusTotal: [Hidden Content]
  3. ~~Features~~ -It works -It's relativly fast -It captures:Country,plan,address,invites,invite token and invite link DL: ~~Download~~
  4. Hey everyone! Today I'm releasing my Discord Nitro code generator for you all! With this, you can generate possible Discord Nitro codes. You can check these and hopefully get free Discord Nitro! The generator is written entirely in Python, and compiled into an .exe using Pyinstaller. .EXE Download: VirusTotal: [Hidden Content] (1/72 Detections) (Feel free to compile from source if you're worried about the detection!) Installation/How to Use: Simply download the .exe and run it! Or if you're an advanced user, download the the source code below, get the auth.py from the listed repo ([Hidden Content]), put it in the same directory, and run the python file. Feel free to edit it as you like!
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