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  1. thanks dear admin for this nice share
  2. Learn Photoshop CC 2017 essentials in this beginner course. Use Photoshop in your daily life! Ever feel that Photoshop is too complicated to use? Give me 4 hours of your time and you’ll never look at Photoshop the same way again! This course is specially designed for students with little to no prior experience in Photoshop. Learn all the Photoshop CC essentials from scratch, and integrate Photoshop into your daily life! Use Photoshop to edit your everyday photographs, beautify yourself, create design works such as posters and logos, and share them with your friends on social media – Instagram and Facebook etc! Photoshop is a GIGANTIC software. This course focuses on tools that you are likely EVER going to use in your daily life! Do not waste time on lengthy courses that compromised on common everyday tools, and teach you stuff which you are never going to use! What This Course Entails: The first 9 Sections consist of lectures to teach you all the Photoshop Essentials. The last Section is a 1 hour long Case Study Section whereby I will show you examples of how people combine different knowledge of Photoshop to achieve their goals. You will have a good idea of all the Photoshop essentials and capable of using this software on your own. You can be: Either using a Windows or Mac OS. Care will be taken to highlight the platform differences. Either using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC 2017. I will point out the differences between the user interface throughout the course. Of all ages, from all walks of life. As long as you have an interest in learning Photoshop essentials, this course is for you! Either a total beginner who have not touch Photoshop before, or just started using this piece of software. This course assumes you have no prior knowledge! What Makes This Course DIFFERENT from other courses: This Course is designed to teach you Photoshop in a succinct manner, and last ONLY 4 hours! Even though the Course lasts only 4 hours, it teaches you all the Photoshop ESSENTIALS in a totally BEGINNER FRIENDLY way. This is possible by carefully crafting the course content, and not bombard you with unnecessary topics and words. A short Course gets you started right away without boring you through lengthy lectures! Updated for CC 2017 version!
  3. Expert masking isn’t about working hard; it’s about working smart. Let Photoshop work for you when it comes to creating advanced masks. Chris Knight shows you channel masks, luminance masks and ‘Blend If’ as a faster way to make your adjustments better. Learn how to utilize these techniques to apply to your own work in a variety of ways including toning and color grading. Instructor: Chris Knight was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and grew up in Florida. He combines his unconditional love of art history with his love of technology, topping it off with a flare for the cinematic and an uncompromising eye for light and detail… Tutorial Contents: HD VIDEOS 1.Class Introduction 03:54 2.Use Channel Masks to Create a Black & White Image 09:35 3.Use Channel Masks to Clean Up Backgrounds 10:27 4.Use Channel Masks to Highlight Skin Tones 04:54 5.Use Luminance Masks to Alter Shadows & Highlights 13:25 6.Use Luminance Masks to Color Grade 08:39 7.Target Tonal Ranges with Blend If 13:25
  4. Photographers and graphics designers—including professionals, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students—use Photoshop to edit and refine their work. In this course, Deke McClelland takes you on a personalized tour of the basic tools and techniques you can use to make great images and graphics. Deke shows you how to open images from multiple sources, crop and straighten images, navigate panels and menus, and customize preferences. He guides you through how to edit images by adjusting brightness and contrast, correcting color, and retouching portraits. He demonstrates how to use layers to mask parts of an image and make composite artwork. He also covers formatting text, printing, preparing web graphics, and more.
  5. Ctrl+Paint – Concept Art Starter Kit Info: Creating your concept art portfolio is daunting. For many, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Slowly ramping up the difficulty, the bundle starts with an overview of shape and design – and ends with an assignment to create your own fake game world. As a concept artist in the game industry, I’ve seen both sides: the confusing challenge of being a beginner, and the daily work-life in a studio. Making your way as a beginner is hard. This bundle is my attempt to guide your journey and provide useful tips. Unlike other videos in the store, it’s not primarily about technique – instead we focus on ‘where ideas come from’ and how to turn them into final art. Many assignments are included, so prepare for hard work ahead. Have fun designing!
  6. Lynda – Photoshop CC 2017: Nondestructive Exposure and Color Correction Info: Ever look at a photo and feel disappointed that it doesn’t convey the original scene?This course reveals how to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance the color, contrast, and sharpness of a photograph to help ensure richness of real-life is displayed. Using tools from adjustment layers to filters, discover how to nondestructively transform your photos. The course also covers how to work with raw images and perform special-case adjustments such as color matching and tinting.
  7. Adobe Photoshop is so packed with tools, features, and options that it can feel intimidating. Photoshop expert Andy Anderson blows away all of your fears in this overview of the software and an in-depth look at the best ways to use it. Designed for Photoshop beginners, casual users, and those stuck in a rut of using the software in the same narrow way over and over again, this course will improve your workflows and boost your creativity by teaching you Photoshop’s most useful tools and techniques. Conquer the interface and master the use of Bridge, Lightroom, and Camera Raw Learn the top toolbar customizations, shortcuts, and image management techniques Understand how to control image information and color Learn the essentials of working with layers, masks, and the many types of selections Explore blending modes, smart objects, and image scaling/transformation Understand adjustment layers and the use of filters Learn the best ways to set-up workflows that are efficient, effective, and fun
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